Possibility of a .eng domain draws nearer

ICANN – the body responsible for administering the Internet’s domain system (the domains being the endings of web addresses, such as .com and .co.uk) – yesterday agreed to a major reform of the system, which will allow thousands of new domains, including dedicated domains for sub-national geographical areas such as cities (e.g. .ldn for London).

This should in theory enable a proposed new domain for England – .eng – to get the go ahead. Irritatingly, in the BBC website’s report on the decision, Marcus Eggensperger, of Lycos Webhosting, was quoted as follows: “The most likely new TLDs [top-level domains] to be pushed into the Icann process are those that have been under development for some time now – the geo-TLDs such as .cym for Wales, .sco for Scotland, .ldn for London, .nyc for New York and so on” – but no mention of any domain for England.

I wrote to the press contact on the ICANN website to ask whether there would now be any objection to a .eng domain and what would be involved in applying for it. I’ll update you if I get any reply: my previous email to ICANN putting the case for a domain for England met with no response. It’ll probably turn out that it has to be the government of a country that applies for major new domains relating to it. This will doubtless be the explanation why no application has been received from the British government for an English domain; while the Scottish and Welsh governments will already have eagerly put in their applications for Scotland and Wales!

Call me a cynic realist!

Meanwhile, if you want to sign a petition for a .eng domain, you can do so here.


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  1. […] the organisations behind the bids for Welsh, Breton and Galician domains were campaigning at the recent ICANN meeting that decided to open up the whole Top Level Domain (TLD) system. There are also of course movements […]

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