Update on the .eng domain question

No, don’t get excited: I haven’t heard back from ICANN on what would be required to set up a .eng domain. However, I’ve done some research about it, and apparently, the aim of the .eng campaign is to collect around 10,000 signatures on the petition before submitting an application to ICANN. Currently, I think they’re nowhere near that total, and they seem to be having a few problems with recording the signatures on their website; but give it a try – we need to get a strong level of support behind it before ICANN will even give it a sniff.

Apparently, the organisations behind the bids for Welsh, Breton and Galician domains were campaigning at the recent ICANN meeting that decided to open up the whole Top Level Domain (TLD) system. There are also of course movements in favour of .sco, for Scotland, and .ker or .cor for Cornwall.

The article on the Welsh, Breton and Galician campaigns (see above link) indicates: “While there are other European stateless nations seeking their own domain names, these three are the ones most likely to succeed because of the considerable backing for the proposals from their respective communities”. Well, if these ‘stateless nations’ are likely to elicit a favourable hearing – and are basing their arguments on the success of the .cat domain for Catalonia: another ‘stateless nation’, I suppose – then England’s case should be pretty much in the bag, shouldn’t it, as we are the ultimate stateless nation? Err, but there’s a catch, as the article goes on to say: “Although the campaigns have been voluntary the applications will not succeed if there is opposition from governments [my emphasis]. In Wales all parties in the National Assembly support ‘.cym’, and the London government’s Department of Trade and Industry has stated that they ‘do not see any reason for opposing the application’ so long as steps are taken to prevent cybersquatting – the malicious practice of setting up web names that are similar to those of well known companies or brands”.

Oh well, that pretty much rules out a .eng domain while Gordon Brown is in No. 10 then! Or even until we get an English parliament that would be proud to see England gain international recognition of this sort alongside Wales and Scotland. After all, this is the government that chooses to ignore all petitions and campaigns with massive public support that it doesn’t agree with – like support for an English parliament, for instance! Well, at least if we all sign up to the .eng petition, we won’t give them the satisfaction of saying there wasn’t public demand for it.


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