The England Supporters Band may start playing some English tunes

I had a refreshing email dialogue with the spokesman for the brass band that plays during England football matches, and which many regard as a bit of a nuisance owing to their predilection for British anthems such as ‘God Save the Queen’ and ‘Rule Britannia!’.

Here’s what I wrote to him:


Could the England Supporters Band not play a few more English, rather than British, anthems? God Save the Queen is the British national anthem, not the English one; and Rule Britannia is a celebration of the British Empire, not England.
How about doing a bit more of Jerusalem – the song that most English people, when polled, have chosen as their preferred English national anthem – and Land of Hope and Glory, which many people see as referring to England even though England isn’t specifically mentioned.
We’re the England team, not Team GB.
All the best,
David Rickard”
Here’s his reply:
“Point taken David and we are always open to suggestions thanks for taking the time to email us. Slightly disagree about God Save the Queen that is played around the world as the national anthem when the teams line up prior to an England game and not Scotland or Wales but I get your general point. We’ll see what we can do.Regards,


After that jolly civilised exchange, I thought it appropriate to say:

“Thanks, John; I appreciate the rapid and responsive reply. Good luck to you and the team tomorrow!

Makes a pleasant change from all those unanswered emails to editors of newspapers, and TV and radio news, about English stories being presented as British! Prediction: England 2-1 Croatia.


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