Reply from Sky on the leaders’ debates

I’ve received the following reply from Sky to my open letter regarding the proposed party leaders’ debates at the election:

Dear Mr Rickard

Thank you for your further email.

Sky News has set out its approach to the Leaders’ Debate. Full details are contained in the news release at this link:

We will be putting questions to the UK leaders of the main political parties on a range of issues for the election of the UK Parliament.

Best wishes

Paul Bromley

Viewers’ Editor

Sky News

To which I’ve replied as follows:

Dear Mr Bromley,

Thank you for your prompt reply and for the attached link. However, neither your email nor the press release contains a response to my main question: will the debates on Sky – both the national-UK one and the separate programmes in Scotland and Wales – make clear to viewers which of the issues discussed relate to which parts of the country? If not, I cannot see how you would resist the charge of allowing the party leaders to get away with misleading voters.

Yours sincerely,

David Rickard


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