Tesco cheeses start sporting the English flag!

Imagine my surprise and delight when I went into my local Tesco last weekend and found that several of their English cheeses had been re-packaged to display the English flag, not the British! My quick random survey suggested that this applied to their ‘regional’ cheeses (Cheshire, Leicester and Wensleydale); their own-brand cheddars made in England; and David Stow cheddars.

I wondered at first if this change was related to Tesco’s status as the ‘Official Supermarket‘ for the World Cup. However, it seems as though this re-branding is a genuine reaction to the campaigning efforts of groups such as Fair Flags, if Toque is to be believed. Let’s hope that the ‘offence’ taken by some Cornish people to Tesco’s switch to the English flag, reported by Toque, doesn’t lead them to revert to the Union Jack – unless they want to apply it to all British produce, including Cornish (e.g. Ginsters).

I did notice that the same shelf that proudly displayed and correctly labelled the English cheddars also contained a ‘British cheddar’ with a British flag. But that’s fine if that product is made in different countries throughout the UK and / or from milk originating from all over Britain.

Now let’s see if Tesco start replacing all those horrid Union Jacks plastered over their English milk, apples, meat, veg, etc. etc. It’s a promising start – and there are a few more food products I can start buying again now.


6 Responses

  1. I noticed this too. Was rather pleased . I bought some having not done so for years!

    PS I am from Cornwall and the English flag is just fine this way.

  2. About time all supermarkets started displaying the English Flag.
    All those who object should be ashamed of themselves.

  3. Ah, brilliant news! I have just published a blog on my own page that alludes to Toque’s findings. I may have to revise my own opinions on the matter as well…

  4. Tescos has been packaging cheeses and allsorts with the English flag round my way for sometime. I often wonder if people are actually extending this subject to rile support for another agenda.

  5. I will never buy another thing from Tesco ever! Neither will my family and there are 56 of us!

  6. For a start I wouldn’t shop at Tescos.
    Most of their profits are remitted out of this country.
    How about shopping at an English supermarket like Morrisons.
    I can assure you they are leaders in the field of English produce.
    Our local Morrisons now has a section for locally grown produce – with source and farm writ large.
    This helps our local farmers. It doesn’t enrich people living in the middle east.

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