Flag for the new UK

How about this as the flag for the new ‘United Kingdom of England, Wales and Northern Ireland‘ if Scotland decides to leave?

A bit of a crude first draft, but you get the general idea! (Sorry Cornwall.)


4 Responses

  1. I find this quite acceptable it gives me a warm glow! Take out the cold blue of the saltire and the misery of a Scottish winter, dour race anyway, who needs them.

  2. Nice looking flag but no thanks. Its about time we English accepted the concept that we no longer have an empire but a dissatisfied, unworkable and unsustainable divided kingdom where it is inevitable the Scots, Welsh, Cornish and even Northern Irish will not only obtain greater autonomy but even independence. As I have said previously before on numerous occasions we need to awaken from our delusion an slumber because the only people who will be flying the Union Flag will be the English for we will be the last remaining constituent state.

    We have merely entered the 21st century, a vastly different world to one of previous years where it was essential that we united with our fellow Britons to establish our position and security which was threatened by other burgeoning empires with imperialistic aims.

    However the world is different now. Nations and peoples have grown up and taken their first steps to greater freedom and independence where political represention for the masses has replaced the obsolete system of rule by the priveleged.

    Please fellow Englishmen and women wake up and open your eyes and see a free, fair and independent England in the 21st century and not one thats stuck in back in the past.

    People of the world are becoming independent and free. Its about time that so do we.


  3. My design for a new flag for the remainder of the UK upon the possible departure of Scotland from the Union would be the White and Green bands of the Welsh flag as a background, with the red crosses of Patrick and George over the top. This will resemble the current flag in form, if not in colour, so will be recognisable, and will at last include the Welsh as well, and fully omit the colours of the St Andrews Saltire Flag.

    • Yes, but I think the Welsh would want their red dragon in there somewhere. I think we need to concentrate on the design of the new state, if any, first before worrying about the flag, though!

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